Ayurvedic treatment: The best way to combat hair fall problem

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Hair fall has increasingly become a common condition across the world. It does not come with any conditions and anybody from the younger or older generation can experience this distress. It is said that losing more than 100 hairs in a day is a thing of worry. Generally, it starts from thinning of the strands from the top or front part of the head and slowly turns into a critical problem.

What are the main causes?

There are a number of reasons for having a hair fall problem. The most primary one is stress and unhealthy diet or lifestyle. There are several medical reasons also such as suffering from thyroid, PCOS, deficiency of protein and essential vitamins. In addition, using chemically harsh products for treatments like re-bonding, smoothening, frequent ironing, curling, etc. are amongst the top reasons these days.

Everybody is familiar with the consequences of hair fall problem. It shatters the confidence of people experiencing this situation. Many of them need to spend a hefty amount on wigs to look like before. While some prefer to go for chemical treatments which are expensive and make the problem grow more even faster.

Ayurvedic treatment for hair fall

Ayurvedic treatments are known for their holistic ways of healing a problem. Developed 3000 years ago, doctors aim to create a perfect balance between mind, body, and soul for a good scalp. When there is any disturbance in this balance, humans start experiencing sickness.

There are several treatments available in the market for both –lifestyle and chronic diseases. But Ayurvedic treatment for hair fall is considered as the most preferred one. It is not just about the intake of herbal medicines processed through ancient techniques. However, it is also about adopting a healthy lifestyle and culture to attain a well functioning body.

Ayurvedic treatment for hair fall works from the roots. According to ayurvedic doctors, every root must be treated from inside which is done through body cleansing, blood purifying and adopting a healthy lifestyle. They recommend remedies that heal Pitta and Vata dosha (life forces). If Vata dosha is increased, the scalp will become dry and frizzy. If Pitta dosha is increased then a person can experience baldness. Similarly, there is Kapha dosha that makes the scalp itchy and makes it produce excessive oil.

The best hair fall ayurvedic treatment in Delhi

Dr. Kaushal’s Lifecare Ayurveda offers the best ayurvedic treatments for hair fall in Delhi. It provides authentic and natural remedies with personal guidance. Being one of the prominent hospitals in Delhi, it adopts a holistic approach to treat patients.

It offers a combination of external and internal treatments that cures the problem of the root. Its experienced team of doctors tackles every problem with utmost priority and intense care, ensuring patients’ well - being. They make sure that their medicines work successfully and prevent its reoccurrence.

To fight hair fall, one must go back to nature and regulate the body’s activities. Seeking ayurvedic guidance and adopting a healthy lifestyle results in hair nourishment and heals the problem better than any other remedy.


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