Ayurveda: Best treatment for slipped disc

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A slipped disc is also known as the spinal disc herniation. It is a medical condition that causes rubbery discs between bones of the spinal cord. Discs are the cushions that lay between the bones of vertebrae. They protect the spinal bones during shocks. However, sometimes these discs might get ruptured, or split, causing the condition we call as ‘slipped disc’.

A slipped disc is a very common condition in people of all ages. It is also called a prolapsed or ruptured disc, as the nuclear tissue dislocates from the center of the disc. This condition occurs when the tissues get ruptured in the vertebral column causing the central tissue to leave its area. This tissue presses the spinal cord which causes pain, dizziness, or weakness.

It sometimes leads to extreme pain in the back, neck, and abdomen with numbness, fever, etc. It is usually caused due to an imbalance in bodily postures while sitting, sleeping, walking, etc. and can also lead to sciatica if the herniated disc presses the sciatic nerve.

The herniation of the disc can happen anywhere, be it neck, middle back or lower back. These can be diagnosed with X-Rays or MRIs. The person suffering from a slipped disc is advised to avoid any movement and face difficulty in lifting, twisting or turning. The use of medication, ice packs, exercises, physical therapy, and sometimes surgery is also suggested. However, Ayurveda has helped a lot during such severe conditions.

The best treatment for slipped disc

Ayurveda has never disappointed anyone since ages. Its natural methods of healing and treatment help one to recover from the deadliest of diseases. Slipped disc too can be cured through Ayurveda. Using pain killers can only provide momentary release from the pain. But Ayurveda cures the problem from its root and is permanent remediation for this problem.

Intake of strong medicines and pain killers are recommended in other medications. However, it is not good for one’s health. In order to bring the relocated disc or tissue back to its place, Ayurveda provides a few methods to get rid of this ailment. This ailment is caused because of the vitiation of ‘Vata’ in the human body.  There are many therapies in Ayurveda to treat it. Ayurveda involves use of herbal extractions and tablets, along with natural oils for external application on the body.

In severe conditions, the person undergoes Ayurvedic therapies like Swedana, Shodana which is the detoxification or Abhyanga, which involves massage in the affected area with oils. Thus, Ayurveda curbs the need for surgery used to cure the slipped disc ayurvedic treatment. Instead, it adopts natural ways of healing and remediation, bringing back the disc in position with the feeble chance of getting revoked.

Drk Lifecare Ayurveda has treated many patients with severe ailments and slipped disc. Their treatment process and organic remedies help in treating the condition better. They result in faster recovery and treat the problem from its root. 


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