Treat the deadly Fistula without surgery


Treating fistula sometimes becomes challenging even with the presence of modern healthcare practices. The most common way to cure this deadly disease is undergoing cuts and stitches. However, there is no satisfactory method or results of surgery in curing it. There are chances of recurrence that makes the surgical procedures, not a preferred option for treating the patients.

In the ancient medical practices of Ayurveda, there are many special medicines available that treat the complex problem of the fistula without any surgery. The therapeutic treatments in Ayurveda get rid of the problem from its root. Unlike other medical procedures, it cannot be recurred and offers the healthiest living thereafter.

Understanding the disease                               

An anal fistula is an extremely painful disease. Scientifically, it is an abnormal or infected tunnel that connects the skin and the anus. It usually develops around the genital areas. The main cause of this painful disease is the fluid or liquids that several glands in our body produce get clogged. The clogging of fluids leads to developing a swollen pocket of infected liquids also known as an abscess.

There are usually four different types of fistula depending upon the area on which they develop. They might occur between the intestine and the skin; large or small intestine; vagina; and the bladder. The symptoms of fistula include severe pain around the infected area. There will be fever, itching, and tenderness.

Causes of Fistula

The world is adopting a modern lifestyle culture. In such a culture, people tend to adopt unhealthy habits that can affect their body directly or indirectly. The several causes that lead to developing this disease are:

  • High level of stress for a long period of time leads to anxiety. This condition results in gaining abnormal weight, looseness of bowels, and can even make the blood impure;
  • Less water intake, excessive consumption on junk food, unhealthy or unhygienic food can result in forming infected fluids;
  • Inactivity of the body i.e. no regular exercise regimen is also an essential factor contributing to this problem;
  • Consumption of cigarettes and alcohol can also leave their direct impact on the body.

Best way to treat fistula

The treatment for a fistula is directly associated with getting rid of body wastes. It can be cured without undergoing any surgery with special treatment at Dr. Kaushal’s Lifecare Ayurveda. It focuses on stabilizing the digestive system which boosts health and wellness.

If an individual is infected with fistula, Dr. Kaushal’s Lifecare Ayurveda offers healthy diet regimen. The food and liquids they suggest to avoid are unnatural sweeteners, processed food, saturated fat and milk items that can trigger abscess formation. To accelerate the recovery process in the most natural way, their Ayurvedic treatment for fistula includes raw fruits and vegetables that manage the digestive process.

Dr. Kaushal’s Lifecare Ayurveda is known for offering the best Ayurvedic treatment for fistula in Delhi. Their organic and 100% natural medicines show no adverse effects on the body and treat the problem from its root to avoid its recurrence.


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