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Dr Kaushal's Life Care Ayurveda

Bringing nature as a solution to your way of living disorders, Dr. Kaushal's Life Care Ayurveda is your perfect option to have a completely Ayurvedic therapy for your severe problems.

While we provide all types of conventional treatments as well as modern-day therapies to the visitors, the Vedic retreat does not merely recover the existing conditions however instead offers a unified regimen of life.

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Ayurvedic Treatments For Chronic Disease

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Slip Disc Treatement

Spinal disc herniation, additionally referred to as a slipped disc, is a clinical condition impacting the spinal cord ...

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Bhagandara is the name through which fistula is referred to as in Ayurvedic practice. A fistula is a harmful disease ...

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Hair Fall Ayurvedic Treatment

Hair fall is one of the most is one of the most common problems that persist among all ...

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Prostate Englargement

A complex and painful problem, prostate enlargement affects the ability of a person to urinate...

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Back,Knee Pain treatment

Joints play an essential part in making the smallest motion to large leaps as well as are ...

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Cervical Ayurvedic treatment

Cervical spondylosis is another form of arthritis which involves the wear and tear of discs. It attacks the vertebra ...

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The polycystic ovarian condition is a clinical problem impacting the ovulation procedure in the menstruation.

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It is a chronic skin disease that creates red completely dry spots of thickened skin. The problem typically takes place ...

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Google Verified Reviews

I was also suffering from palmoplantar psoriasis, but I have completely healed it ,thanks to dr kaushal to give me right ayurvedic medicine...

Mr. sandeep


I was suffering from constant knee pain for two years prior to my treatment at life care ayurveda. I had been to 6 different doctors but completey not relif to pain, some day i feel good but when my medicine course was finished then pain was started. so thanks to mr kaushal to understand my problem and treated well.



I have a hairfall issue.when my friend told me If you have a hairfall problem then must treatment in ayurveda , because we all know that ayurveda has no side effect.Then i go to the life care ayurveda and consulted to the doctor.They give me excellent and beneficial treatment.

Mr.Vikram Tyagi


i am very satisfied by doctor's treatment. He is very experienced and nice doctor. he gives time to each and every patient listen every persons problem and treats accordingly .i was facing so many problems now i am totally fine. thanks

Ritika Gautam

New Delhi

He is a very kindly doctor. He always gave me good advice when I asked something. If I'll go to Delhi again, I want to go his clinic.

Pinki Aggarwal


Treatment is excellent . Treatment takes some time but it is painless. Dr. KAUSHAL'S listens my problem patiently and makes me very comfortable and his staff members are also very helpful and supportive.

Sweety Singh